Screen Sky – Android App

Download my new Android App – Screen Sky



– This app changes your wallpaper automatically every 60 minutes according to the weather. Weather data is collected from by using your GPS location.

– You can also upload your pictures or take photos and tag them with weather and time conditions.

– Default app pictures and uploaded photos can be deleted by a long click on the respective image.

– Notifications are pushed when no wallpapers are found under respective weather and time status.

LED Controller – Android & Netduino

In today’s tutorial we are going to connect Netduino with Android. It is recommended to first read this tutorial to better understand how Netduino works and can be connected to the LEDs.



The first thing that you need to understand is that Netduino can act as a server that accepts web page requests. Based on the content of the web requests, one can turn on/off LEDs. Therefore we can create an Android application that sends HttpPosts and has full control on our LEDs. It sounds easy right?

In our example we hosted the Netduino server locally by connected the Ethernet cable to the router and connected the Nexus 7 via the Wi-Fi.