Mac OS – Stream your screen


My Screen

  • Stream your screen with others that are on the same local network. Users can’t control your MAC.
  • Developed using Python
  • Open source
  • Very easy to run
  • Tested with 20 concurrent students in a lab with cable connection

Step 1

  • Download zip and extract on your Desktop (very important)
  • Install python and flask server on Mac (if not already installed)

Step 2

  • Run the following two scripts separately in terminal. (Open two terminals – scripts found in MyScreenMac folder)
  • python and python

Step 3

  • In the MyScreenMac folder you should find a text file named ‘url.txt’. Open it and distribute the link with your audience. They should write the link in Safari/Chrome or other web browser.


  • Lower the resolution of your MAC for faster streaming or else edit the ‘’ script. In my testing environment, I have a projector connected with the iMac. Automatically Mac OS reduces the resolution when it detects the projector.
  • Press ctrl+c in the terminal to stop the scripts

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