Learn Bubble and Merge Sort Algorithms by playing a 3D Digital Game

I created this game for my masters dissertation. The game idea is based on the famous game World of Warcraft and supports single player and multiplayer game modes. The single player supports only one student while the multiplayer supports two students working together to solve the same task. Both game modes support spectator mode which can be used by any lecturer to act as a facilitator. The game has been developed using Unity 3D and can be played freely on any PC. One must not make any profit on such content.

Click Here to Download Game.

Technical Details:

  • Runs only on Windows.
  • Open Port TCP843 (if game won’t connect with the online Server)
  • Only 20 concurrent users allowed

7 thoughts on “Learn Bubble and Merge Sort Algorithms by playing a 3D Digital Game

  1. Hi! I’m doing my bachelor thesis about non traditional learning methods of algorithms and data structures and I would like to mention this fantastic game you made at my work. Can I? And I would like to ask your name too. Is it Roderick Vella?


  2. Hi Roderick, very fascinating and impressive staff with regards to using games for learning algorithms. I was hoping access the game but it seems the link is not working for some reason. Any assistance on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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